Full Circle America Steuben Care Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Full Circle America (FCA) Care Coordinator (CC) assists seniors and their families with planning for and implementing ways for their care that allows for the greatest degree of health, wellness, safety and independence.

Our Care Coordinator provides a consistent point of contact for family members, and can do everything from creating an overall care plan to intervening in case of crisis or emergency.

Our CC serve as a liaison between seniors and their family members with other community partners through the county Office of the Aging(OFA). Our CC meets with clients and/or their family to assess their needs, develop a circle of care, and form a Care Plan to fit their unique needs.

Once a Care Plan is in place, our Care Coordinator serves as a point person to monitor and coordinate services, and revise plans as needed.

Seniors often times face multiple challenges and thus require a team approach. Each member of the team helps to create a full circle of care. These members may include; doctors, counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, caregivers, and care coordinators—sometimes referred to as case managers.